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Apple Considers LG and Samsung for OLED Displays

A report came out of Japan earlier this month, and it says that Japan Display Inc. will manufacture OLED displays for Apple’s flagship iPhone 8. Now a Korean report states that Apple tapped LG and Samsung for similar displays.



The news says that Apple is close to make a deal with JDI for OLED displays. According to JDI, for Korean giant it is a long term investment, so the displays will be shipped in early 2017 or even 2018. The company will invest about 12.8 billion in the coming year to accomplish the contract. iPhone 6s and its predecessors are embraced with LED displays so using OLED displays will be biggest move for the company.

Apple used OLED displays in Apple watch; the screens were supplied by LG and Samsung. Now the major Korean display manufacturers probably Samsung and LG are convincing Apple to opt for OLED displays in its mobile phones too.Moreover, the report explains that LG will shift its LCD production line to OLED screens for iPhone. Consequently, there will be major changes take place in iPhone’s history.  Recently, few users criticized current displays of the iPhone due to latest display of Apple watch. The watch’s display is much better than Apple's smartphones.


Apple has variant patents for curved displays those displays will lack physical button on the phone. 3D touch is one piece of technology that will enable the company to eradicate physical button in new generations of the iPhone.  Future generations are expected to come with flexible displays and outstanding features.

The company didn’t expose any further information about OLED displays shipment date. Hence, we are not sure when mass production will start, but it is expected to start in 2017. Though, it is great news for iPhone lovers because eventually Apple has decided to change the tradition.