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Apple Denies Working on iOS to Android App

Published on Jan 12,2016 By Maq Ahmed


Yesterday we heard a rumor that Apple is working on “Move to Android” app which will allow users to transfer iPhone data to Android handsets. Apple cleared out about the rumor and denied that the company is not working on any app.


An Apple Spoke person told BuzzFeed News that “"There is no truth to this rumor and we are completely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone that is going great”. Tim Cook Apple CEO, showed last quarter earnings that is up by 30%, he has touted the number of "switchers" coming from Android to iPhone, so it's no shock that Apple wants to keep helping users leave the Android system and come to iOS. The last quarter earning shows that Apple has successfully influencing people to switch from Android to iOS.

Apple already has an app in Google Play Store that lets Android users to migrate pictures, messages, and other files to from their Android based handset to iPhone. The executive said that, however, it is truth that Android operating system is largest platform, but abundant users use iOS platform as well. iPhone users face problems in migrating their content from iPhone to other Android smartphones. It is too complicated to share data from iPhone to other mobiles. So many carriers and even users are forcing Apple to build an app that could help them in sending pictures and video from iPhone to Android handsets.

Well, Apple made clear that instead of working on “Move to iOS” app the company is trying to attract more customers. After this rumor Apple might think to build this app that will help iPhone users to connect more Android devices.

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