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Apple going to introduce something special in WWDC 2015

Apple is holding World Wide Developer Conference for the past 26 years without any break which is a great success and contribution towards development of technology and knowledge sharing. This year also Apple is holding this conference this month and here we are going to describe what all is going to be exhibited and brought to surface in this conference.Hopefully some new products and software developments will be the focus of this conference.

Keynote Delivering Time in WWDC 2015

This conference is going to take place at the Moscone Centre in San Fancisco, California on 8 - 12 June. Apple is going to unveil its year long research and development in this event. Certainly Apple at its best in technology is going to present to the world new products and all the hard work put in to it to bring out the master pieces which it developed in the past year. In fact Apple has been developing future in the past year. The Keynote event will be held on 8th June at 10 am Pacific time.

Apple WWDC 2015 official Logo

What will Apple release?

Basically the developer conference is focused on development of operating systems rather than the products.iOS and OSX are going to be the focal points of this conference for the developers to work on them. Yet Apple is not going to miss the opportunity of displaying the new products which it developed recently for the markets, therefore Apple is going to achieve two objectives; announcing the software developments and presenting the new products.

iOS 9 and OS X

As we said earlier the aim of this conference is to focus on the software and to present the new versions of operating systems for the iPhones and Mac. We shall see the iOS 9 which is going to be the latest version of operating system developed by Apple. Along with it the new version of Mac OS X 10.11 will also be announced. The Apple very proudly declared that the event is going to be a land mark in the history of Apple technology development. Each new operating system creates a new generation and adds to the success of the engineers working in the back ground. No doubt Apple is creating history in the field of operating systems and putting life in to the electronic devices.

The new software and operating systems would not be immediately available for downloading and using, rather they would be presented for preview and analysis by the developers. Once perfected and gone through successfully the analysis by the developers, they would be available on our iPhones, iPad and Macs later in the year.

Other hardware

In the list of new hardware products we shall be seeing the new Apple TV in this conference and shall see update to the Mac Pro as well. As we expect in the future the new iPads and iPad Pro are going to be more powerful and full of all wonders of technology. Hopefully Apple will not disappoint the viewers al around the world and the developers in this conference.

 New iPhone 6S or iPhone 6c

It is expected Apple will announce new iPhone6s or iPhone 6c. Apple has the story of success in the case of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple is determining to make the event purposeful and successful which will be a step forward in the development of technology.