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Apple iPad Mini 4 release date, expected price and specs

There is no doubt that the original Apple iPad mini devices are superb and well balanced designed tablets but in the account of bright light visibility and screen resolution they are not well. Apple overcome with these two issues in Apple iPad Mini 2 and the minor issues were cleared in iPad Mini 3 and the, in fact, the Mini 3 come with the fingerprint scanner. Now we have some information with us regarding the “iPad Mini 4”.

Presently we don’t have much information with us about iPad Mini 4 but we have pieces of rumors with us to make any general guess. According to the leaked the new iPad Mini 4 is similarly slim like iPad Air 2 and has a coated (laminated) screen.

Apple Ipad mini 4 relase date

The screen of iPad Mini 4 is more improved because not of its slim body the Apple reduce the internal screen reflection and this step will increase the endurance and visibility of the screen even in bright light. It is also expected that the Apple will add the anti-reflective screen cooting in iPad Mini 4 screen which is the lack in iPad Mini 3. The predicted screen size of iPad Mini 4 is 7.9 inches.

iPad Mini 4 will get the upgraded processor and will used A9 which was already used in iPad Air 2 and will have 2GB RAM which increase the speed of working without consuming the extra battery. Apple has a regular practice to launched their mini devices in October or in first week of November. So there is a chance that iPad Mini 4 will also launch in the same pattern, but some rumors claimed that the iPad Mini 4 will make the public appearance in October first week of November along with iPad Pro Plus.

Accepted Price of Ipad mini 4

There is no clear information revealed about the price of iPad Mini 4 here we again depend upon the guess said the device might carry the price tag of $500. Well, all these information based upon the leaked and the rumors and for authentic information we need to wait until the iPad Mini 4 did not get the official placement.