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Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reached in Australia first

Apple has their own strategy and they know the best what to do with their product and how to sell. In this case Apple has decided to select Australia as the first market for their new products Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both these handsets have recently being launched in and event in IFA. The Australian retailers got the handsets first of all others and handed over these devices to their customers who had pre ordered these handsets.


When Apple store on George Street in Sydney opened at 8:01 am local time, there was a spectacular sight in front of the store. Some 1200 people were waiting outside to get this new handset. It is just wonderful that such a huge number of people waiting for this even before the store has open. They was waiting for iPhone6 Plus which is equipped with 5.5 inches display.

The two handsets have very bright future and even the handset came to the market 4 million pre orders had been received. It is a record making event for any handset. The pre orders for iPhone 6 are double the number of pre orders booked for iPhone 5. This certainly is a very big mural booster for Apple; most surprising is that there are 9 million pre orders for the next week. Same was the case with iPhone 5s and iPhone5 last year now you can imagine the record sale Apple is going to enjoy.

Similarly in America also people are anxiously waiting in front of Apple Stores to receive this handset and same is the view in front of 4 major carrier companies outlet points. Other rivals like Samsung are just making fun of it and comment on it as some ritual. It is annual feature for Apple to launch a new handset and have the long lines in front of the outlet points.

Well the Australians who got their handsets are busy on their Friday evenings in exploring and knowing their new handset finding out new features embedded in that. They are enjoying their new big screens and doing lot of experimentation on that. You can imagine their excitement and if you wish to enjoy it you can see our details review of the handsets.

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