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Apple iPhone 6 both versions energized with different powerful cells information reveal

We already heard too much about the upcoming version of Apple iPhone 6 and we already have a confirm report that the upcoming handset comes in two different sizes. Lots of information about 5.7 inches and 4.7 inches iPhone 6 reveal and gives us very clear sight what the handset has. But after all those information something was missing. Yes the battery information has not been revealed anywhere but thanks to the digital media we have a piece of information about the handset versions batteries.


The newly leaked images show the battery size of both versions of iPhone 6. According to the recent leak the 4.7 version is energized with 1810 mAh battery and the bigger version of iPhone6 as 5.5 inches will consume the power from 2915mAh battery. The bigger one has a more powerful battery but there is nothing shocking in that because most of the phablets energized with the large batteries to keep the phablet on for long time. The information about the battery of smaller version of iPhone6 has been revealed last month but there was nowhere mentioned the capacity of the battery. This is the very first leak to give us the clear idea of upcoming iPhone 6 battery capacity exactly.

The leak has come from Taiwan about 4.7 inches of version of the handset that would be named Apple iPhone 6 and the large version of the handset may be called Apple iPhone6L. It makes it contradictory from the policy of the company not to call it iPhone6. The new leaked images of the handsets also reveal the information about the motherboard and display panel of both versions.

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