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Apple iPhone 6 has an encompassing edges new leak about the iPhone 6


iPhone 6 is ready to hit the market soon. Recently the number of leaks increased about the handset; many rumors come per day and give us some clue about the new upcoming iPhone6

Recently some more images of iPhone6 leaked and gave the information about the front look of the handset. It has 4.7 inches screen size. As per leaked images confirm  the new upcoming handset has round equally measure edges from all sides the images give the other information is about the screen, display and resolution of the handset. The handset is made up with sapphire glass and carries 1704 x 904 pixels resolution. This is the resolution used for retina glass particularly. The handset is powered with A8 processor which is faster than ever. This is not enough; recently leaked report confirm that the handset also has changeable lens, much better rear facing camera, wireless charging and heart rate monitor. However this information is not confirmed officially yet but they seem to be true.

If the handset really has a Lightning cable then this is the second device; first device was launched with this cable in 2012 and the device was known as iPhone 5. The one more rumor floated frequently that the iPhone 6 has a 13 mega pixel rear camera, metal body, elevate canera ruing, minimal volume buttons. It is also expected that the new iPhone is also equipped with 1GB RAM like iPhone 5S.

The recent images seem real. The fine round edges enhance the beauty of the handset.  The handset is only 7mm thick. The images look authentic. It is expected that the handset will also come with same components as we heard in the news.

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