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Apple iPhone 6s might come with Curved edges

Some rumors and news afloat that Apple is busy in the making of iPhone 6s which is the modest version of iPhone 6 and will be released somewhere in September this year.

Now the new rumor revolved that Apple has a plan to give the curved screen to their upcoming iPhone 6s which is similar to Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S6 Edge. According to the one Apple official, probably iPhone 6s is designed with flexible display that will add more charm in Apple’s upcoming smartphones. Furthermore, the next handsets of Apple might include the ability to change the way it functions based on the user's operation.

If Apple chose patent and incorporate them in designing the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus than it is also expected that they replace the location of volume and mute buttons and the curved touchscreen display with the interface will also be used for all types of customizable buttons. According to the Apple, this is used for the virtual game controller.

It is also speculated that Apple’s patent includes a front-mounted display with a bend covering the sides of the smartphone and future iPhone 6S could incorporate virtual buttons that would change based on what the user is doing, like shifting from a standard volume button to a camera shutter button when the user is taking a photo. If the bunches of information come correct than Apple sets the new touch gesture for the iPhones.


There is no doubt in the existence of Apple Patent, but it does not mean that the company will going to follow  the curve display trend in iPhone 6S, but it is strongly expected that the handset will come with many positive and powerful improvements.