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Apple iPhone 7 Lightening Earpods spotted in a Leaked Video

Upcoming Apple iPhone 7 has been part of rumors since a long time; lately we have heard that iPhone Pro will join the lineup with dual camera feature. Now a video leaked and confirms lightening EarPods will come with the forthcoming device. The video reveals that how the EarPods will work with the smartphone.

The video has shared by Everything Apples Pro channel on YouTube, and it shows how the Lightning EarPods are being popped into an iPhone smartphone. There’s no 3.5mm audio jack, and the EarPods are attached to the iPhone via the charging port and function in the same way as the older EarPods. The EarPods have same functions; users can play music, pause, and turn the volume up and down with the remote control access on the EarPods. Some rumors say that the EarPods will be sold as a separate accessory but we anticipate that the Lightening Earpods will come in iPhone 7 box.


The smartphone is expected to be unveiled on the first week of September and pre-orders will start in the second week of September. There are also gossips about the name of the device; recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will be called iPhone 6SE due to its minimum changes in the design. The smartphone is expected to come along with its two variants iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Pro, the Pro model will have dual camera and Smart connector feature. There are some speculations that Apple will eliminate 16GB standard storage variant and replace it with 32GB base storage, the iPhone 7 128GB model is also expected to be launched.