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Apple iPhone 8 some case renders; reported to have 3D camera for augmented reality

Published on Aug 9,2017 By Sajid Ayaz

A Weibo post shows some new render case images of Apple iPhone 8. In the pictures, the smartphone cases have their own different color which means the iPhone 8 will be available in various flavors. Logo of Apple is also present on the rear side of iPhone cases. The Render cases also give the concept about the body design. There is space on the back in the case images for dual vertically mounted cameras. It also suggests a power button on the right and volume up and down button on the left.

Apple AR

Another report says that the Apple iPhone 8 will have a long battery life and 3D camera technology. As per the listing, the 3D camera is the first step toward “Augmented Reality” also called AR. Apple also uses Flyby Media and Metaio for AR startups. A fact about 3D camera is it enables device to check how the things away from it. It also will provide real world graphics which is mind blowing. An aim of augmented reality (AR) is to insert the computer graphics and info into everyday conditions for better advantage. It is surprising question that how the AR possible work in new Apple iPhone. Many engineers are working on it and we hope the result will be positive. Final report, you will get later.

Apple AR

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