Apple iPhone Fold to come with self-healing display

2020-10-02 12:09:52 Views 1136

It seems that Apple may finally be getting ready to enter the foldable smartphone market, as the brand has even started to patent its invention of a self-healing foldable display.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, it was recalled due to a design flaw in the hinge that allowed dust to enter under the display. The company then released a new hinge mechanism which was not only strong but featured extra layering to prevent dust from entering. Henceforth, the durability of the foldable iPhone is one of the major factors that Apple has to take into account. According to the latest report from AppleInsider based on a new patent application filed by Apple, the upcoming iPhone Fold will come with a self-healing display that could fix wear and tear by itself, including scratches and dents. The patent application, named “Electronic Devices With Flexible Display Cover Layers” also suggests methods for minimizing damage and doing something when the damage occurs.

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It's unlikely that such a material would be able to perfectly repair big scratches or marks in the display glass, but it could minimize the effects of minor damage. Reports indicate that Apple will unveil its foldable iPhone next year.


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