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Apple iPhone Still Dominates The Market And Has Scope In The Future

Apple iPhone indicators show something different; have reached high level of sale but has stopped there. In comparison with Cupertino we need to monitor the performance of Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone6 analysis shows slightly lower expectations. This maybe called iPhone 6 or anything it is likely to show the results in the 2nd half of the year. We have something else also to see when we compare with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Apple always implies iPhone easy in use and sleek in design. Some service have tried to compile the data of iPhone owners; it is like witch hunting and cannot be true similarly iPhone 3gs is not compare able with networks of Verizon or Sprint. Any survey needs to have big margin of error.  

Most of the users are still having iPhone4/4S. It has reason behind and that is either the period of contract they are locked in or simply not interested to move on to upgraded version that is iPhone5. It is general anticipation that Apple is going to have big business when iPhone 6 is introduced and people would like to move to three generations advanced technology.