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Apple is facing higher component costs for this year's highly anticipated OLED iPhone

Published on May 20,2017 By Maq Ahmed

We received a new report which says that the iPhone manufacturer Apple is facing highly module expenses for its most anticipated OLED iPhone. The Upcoming 3D Touch iPhone will bring a premium price tag than its other siblings. Many public refer this upcoming iPhone to as iPhone 8 and several people mention it to as iPhone Pro while some people refer this anticipated OLED iPhone to as iPhone X. The report also says that the forthcoming iPhone with 3D touch components will 150% more expensive due to OLED display than the other LCD based iPhones in which the Apple Company equipped the same parts except display panel.

TPK which is a tech panel producer and GIS (a colleague of TPK) cost between $7 and $8 USD per unit for 3D Touch modules in presented iPhone range but they claimed a page in which TPK mentioned that the price will be twice for new models.

Chinese-language Economic Daily News reported “For 3D Touch solution used in existing iPhone series, TPK and fellow maker General Interface Solution (GIS) quote US$7-9 per smartphone. The solution directly bonds 3D Touch sensors on LTPS TFT-LCD display panels of the iPhone, but 3D Touch solution for OLED panels entails bonding of a glass cover on the front and back side of an OLED panel each to reinforce the fragile OLED panel”.

A new report claimed that the TPK has passed the official certification for OLED-based solution and now he charges more than before. For this reason, the bargaining position of TPK is getting down. The 3D Touch OLED based solution process is only 50% more than 3D touch LCD based solution but the Apple contractor TPK and GIS are said to be quoting three times that. Therefore the analysts say that the new iPhone model will be priced at above $1000 USD.

Moreover, the new model will carry vertically oriented dual rear cameras, a 3D-sensing front-facing shooter, a virtual home button, fingerprint, face, and iris recognition sensors. It will feature a fast and wireless battery charging option.

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