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Apple Raises iPhone and iPad Models Price in Germany over New Content Tax

Apple has raised prices of selected iPhone and iPad models in the Germany. Price change came in Apple Online store Germany with private copyrights.


According to the news, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 5s prices are raised with 5 Euros.  There is a slight price increased on iPad models as well, such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, prices are raised by 8 Euros. On German Online Apple Store now iPhone 6s will cost 744.95 Euros and iPad Pro will cost 907.33 Euros. Whereas, previous prices were 739 Euros for iPhone 6s and 899 Euros for iPad Pro.

The pries are raised in order to meet the demand of German Trade Associations Bitkom and ZPU. GTA applied new private copyrights, according to that tablet and smartphone makers require paying for selling recordable media devices for commercial or personal use.

Apple is a member of Bitkom so it is subject to reduce the prices of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus mobile, and iPad models and again set previous price tag. Apple followed a deal between content producers and Tech industry, which will benefit actors, musicians, and pornographic film makers.

In a Sunday Statement to The Associated Press, California based Company confirmed that the price increases affecting iPad and iPhone are linked with the new Copyrights levy. Last month, Samsung and Apple both agreed to pay Euro 5-7 on each phone imported to Germany. The new deal is made because the collected money will be distributed in creative professionals such as producers, creators, and actors of pornographic films. All these professionals will get a share too.


This agreement is based on 1965 German Law; the law allows consumers to make confidential copies of images, sound, or texts in return of small charge on the device. A copyright expert at tech industry Bitkom, Markus Scheufele says that the deal also contains back payments of phones and tablets sold over 2008 and 2012.