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Apple release iOS 8.3 Beta in Mid March and iOS 9 in June 2015

Apple is the biggest manufacturer of smartphones and operating systems has a plan to release iOS 8.3 public beta in mid of March and iOS 9 in June in the event of WDC (Worldwide Developer Conference).

After too many efforts for removing the bugs from iOS versions and make them smooth Apple has a plan to release first public beta version of the operating system in mid March. After the successful release of OS x Public Beta Program with OS X Yosemite in the year 2014 now Apple is going to launch iOS 8.3 as a public beta via the company’s existing AppleSeed program which is to be held in March. According to the information this Public Beta Version of operating system is match with third iOS 8.3 beta version for t he developers which is also scheduled for release in same week and the next step of the company is to launch iOS 9 in June during the Worldwide Developer Conference with Public beta version as well as the final version release.

Furthermore, Apple confirmed that they will soon release the OS X updates for their consumers. The updates include iCloud-based Photos application. iOS 8.3 with the code name Stowe first send to the developer in Feb with many updates and the updates include Wireless CarPlay, an upgraded Emoji keyboard, an enhanced voice for Siri, and simpler login for Google services. A second 8.3 beta is expected next week. iOS 9, codenamed Monarch, will include fixes and performance enhancements as headline features. Apple is also working on iOS 8.4, codenamed Copper, that bundles Apple’s all new streaming music service. Like the early iOS 8 developers builds, the public betas will include a dedicated app that allows users to report bugs to Apple.


The main target of the iOS beta program will be a more consistent; bug free and widely tested operating system by the time of the wider consumer launch because Apple is behind Fire Fox because of quality lacking and bugs in iOS 8. Apple is trying to resolve these issues and overcome with the bug free version of iOS.