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Apple's iOS 8 Update ready to release, Starts seeding at 1 P.M. ET Today Mostly iPhones & iPads able to update

Apple releaseing its famous operating system well talked about and focus of news and rumors today. It is iOS8 by Apple and this operating system is for iPhones and the iPads. Millions of the users are impatiently waiting for this update to download this operating system and enjoy the new features, heard so far in the news and rumors. Hype was created in the media about this wonder creation. Users expect the whole world would change with this operating system coming to their device.


According to computer world it would be released for downloading at 1p.m. ET.

Users expect all the remedies of their complaints of previous systems in the new one and they expect the devices would perform superb.  However iOS8 is specific to Apple devices. Apple has included some new things in iOS8 for iPhones and iPads. It is being released with OS x 10.10 Yosemite, iOS 8 with HealthKit. Other things include Apple Watch, iPhone 6 models, Apple Pay. Other features include new notifications and you can interact and respond to messages and events, you can reply them right from the lock screen. It has another feature like double tapping the home button and you will be able to see the recent apps. The recent calls would not be shown by name or number but by the pictures whom you called. You can tap their face and send a message or make a call to them. The iOS 8 also includes the same security of touch ID if your handset is provided with the finger print scanner as in iPhone 6 or the iPhone5s.

According to some senior officials in the company, iOS8 is going to bring big changes in the operating system. iOS8 has broadened the scope in using this operating system. The users are free in many respects; the developers can launch third party apps and users are free to download third party keyboards, if they like to customize.  

The iOS7 was only the refurbishment of the previous but certainly more refine. iOS8 has another wonderful feature of family sharing and smooth continuity in multi tasking.

LITS FOR DEVICES which get the IOS 8:

    iPhone 4S, 5, 5c and 5s onward.

   The fifth generation of the iPod touch.

   The iPad2 and iPad3

   The iPad with retina display.

   The iPad Air.

   The iPad mini and the mini with retina display.​

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