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Apple Seems to Ditch MacBook Line in Support of iPad Pro

Some rumors hint that Apple is trying to transform the way people live their lives, for this purpose the company made an ad campaign for it. The renders suggest that Apple will eliminate their MacBook lineup from its product portfolio in favor of new iPad Pro. Last week, released an ad with the tag line ‘iPad Pro – What’s a Computer? In that ad the iPad Pro contrasts to a standard computer which is being used for daily life activities. The ad highlights advantages of an iPad Pro against a usual laptop or computer.

Speculations say that the company is about to change its strategy for the new iPad Pro model. Apple is setting up on making a move to a more robust MacOS 10 from the present iOS operating system. When it comes to desktop functionality iOS is very inadequate as compared to windows. In addition, most functional desktop applications such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop are not available on an iOS device.


Fresh rumors recommend that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will come with better specifications as compared to its predecessor. The 12.9 inch iPad will equip A10X processor and adaptive display, which will be a major upgrade in iPad Pro 2. These changes along with MacOS 10 can carry potential alterations in the method the firm crafts its devices. There is a possibility that Apple will go for its own A-series processor instead of the ones provided by Intel.


It would be a major change for those fans who love to operate MacBook Pro, because iPad Pro seems to replace the MacBook in coming years. However, when it comes to the technology and specifications iPad Pro isn’t as efficient as Microsoft tablets so Apple needs to work hard if it wants to stand against other tablet computers.