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Apple Watch 2 Carry Fabric Woven Display, A watch you have never seen before

Rumors: Apple Watch 2 Carry “Fabric Woven Display” Copyrights filled- A watch you have never seen before


Rumors are up in the air about Apple watch 2 which will carry a woven in fabric display. Woven display would be a brilliant invention by Apple. Something big is coming out at WWDC-Apple Developer, when we talk about copyright filling more interesting ideas come to our mind. Interesting and unique that you have never seen or heard before. Watch display woven into fabric is the hottest news from the Apple.  To give a visual display a fabric that embraces light transmitting thread woven into the fabric is used described by patent.  The reason of using fabric is may be to attach a portable electronic device, so the light transmits from fiber and perform as the display itself. 

The fiber might be able to light up in part or full, and the copyright also mentioned Watches straightly.  The twine could act as notification lights, because due to twine in watch it would almost unfeasible to add notification light. Apple might use OLED in upcoming watch to light the fibers.

Display design of the Apple watch is dream of some engineers at Apple, so they portrayed plans and filled the exclusive rights due to the standard policy at Apple.  To some extent everyone would be able to use this watch, because it is too costly with limited use cases. Apple has given the option to watch consumers to change the faces of the new Apple watch with outstanding displays. The point of this invention is to convey visual indicators to strap like iPod or iPad.  Display in the strap of a wristwatch is not a new idea; in November Sony has released its FEC watch. FEC watch uses e-paper technology and changes its patterns and faces. 

Apple watch is brilliant product line by Apple Inc. It is a watch you will definitely fall in love for.  The watch receives and responds to notifications immediately.  You can easily customize your watch faces and set functions according to your choice so it will look the way you desire. It is completely unknown when Apple will release its watch because Apple has not said a single word about its plan to launch new model of Apple Watch 2. But it is expected to launch in June 2016.