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Apple Watch Sport's Logo and the Text Gets Peeled off Easily

Now the stunning news is around us as the issue has been raised about the Apple Watch, as we know about the Sport edition, the pinching point is the Apple logo that came under discussion as from the back of the Apple Watch, the logo gets erased or peeled off in its entirety and the text surrounding, also gets peeled off while staying sometime in the ownership of the users.
Setting aside the Reddit’s threads which have been in the run for a brief time now, the issue has raised its head with the Apple Sport too, so it has been assigned the case number and the more developments are underway on the said issue.

The Apple has summoned back the owner as the report says. The owner is going to make a swap for the new one and the engineers are putting their hands on it to fix the fault and are trying to establish the cause of this happening.
The questions on the end of the owner pertain about the places concerning weather where it come into the usage, inclusive of water damage or the other activities have been taken up by the owner, in order to get the understanding by the Apple that as to what has been the cause with the version of the space grey of the Watch Sport.