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Apple will placed the top notch camera on their next iPhone Model

 It is expected that apple will placed the high end camera on their next iPhone models. Apple iPhone cameras are believed to be the high rang camera we have the recent examples like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Apple increase the camera quality and focus on Pixels, exposure control manual, high resolution panorama, slow motion video and optical image stabilization are incredibly increased. However the new iPhones camera are fully packed with the good features but Apple need more and the company is not stop their efforts there and after giving the compact camera now company is busy to set the professional camera on their devices and here the company expect to jump high in the aspect of camera and if this comes true that was really the biggest jump in smartphones camera.


According to some inner resource of Apple the company is busy in preparing the new imaging technology and users will be able to capture DSLR images with the help of this technology. The concern person specifically said “that this is the biggest jump and the technology will be placed in the next model of iPhones expectedly comes in 2015. Furthermore the person said about the technology that the camera use two lenses which are the placed on the rear camera and will give the DSLR images experience to the users”.

Dual lens have many apps in imaging technology HTC is the most recent example of such camera experiment and they make the claims that their device HTC ONE M8 has top notch Duo camera with high quality DSLR effect and the two separate lenses allows the users to count and calculate the accurate distance of the desirable capturing object and after calculating the distance the imaging system assigns properties for each pixel individually and then the pixels re produce the maximum fine image for the users.

This is not the easy process and it will take time and this is too early to anything about that but Apple consider to use this new technology on their new upcoming iPhones to improve and refine the optical image stabilization and auto focus experience for their users.