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Apple Wins Famed Designers Support for its Patent War against Samsung

Apple and Samsung are probably only two mobile manufacturers that are involved in an ongoing lawsuit regarding copying smartphone design patents. A number of Silicon Valley firms are supporting Samsung and over 100 educators and designers signed on to a new-fangled court concise supporting Apple including well-known fashion designers for instance Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang. Not only these brands are supporting Apple, the industrial design director at Parsons School of Design, the editor-in-chief of Wallpaper magazine, the design director for Bentley Motors, and Tony Chambers are also up for Apple.

As per U.S. Supreme Court a product look plays a major role in driving customers to buy it. The designers claim that, “look of a product symbolize the underlying functions, features, and total user experience so stealing a design could trim down sales so Apple deserved to be paid for that with proceeds”.

In 2011 Apple sued Samsung and claimed that the company copied the iPhone design and stole its technology. Last December the Korean Giant has paid $548 million to Apple intended for a jury verdict from 2012. The company says that the $399 million out of the total amount was paid for replicating the designs of the iPhone’s front face rounded-corner, bezel and grid of icons is unnecessary and added only slightly to an intricate product.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit was held in May 2015 in Washington to sort out the copyright breach decree. Though, the court stated that iPhone look couldn’t be cosseted throughout the brand. So, depending on the outcome of appeals Apple could be awarded for supplementary damages based on five other smartphone models.

The Korean Company appealed court to review the case and in March, the justices agreed to examine whether the total profits from a manufacturer that infringes a design patent should be awarded if the patent applies only to an element of the device.