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Battery Life Enhancer- iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Earlier this week, Apple announced iPhone’s smart battery case. You can see the case in the following picture. Basically, it is a battery case; Apple is releasing its official case first time. Apple has claimed that the case will enhance battery life up to 25 hours; it is a user friendly case and will work better.

From backside the case design looks similar to the iPhone6s, but looks bulge from the back side.Mashable exposed the reason of the case design. According to its news Time Cook, Apple’s CEO has explained to Mashable why the case is designed this way, “The reason of designing the case in this way is, it is easier to place on and remove from iPhone”. Some rumors are around about the case that Apple designed this case in a unique way because of copyright seized by Mophie related to the smart battery case.

Time Cook said, “If the case is designed solid all the way around, spots were entrenched on the backside and it would be difficult to get in on and off from the mobile.

The case will increase the battery life of your iPhone. If you charge your phone daily then you won’t need the case, but if you are going overnight trips, or out for hiking the case is going to help you in great ways. It is kind of smart case, which has the capacity to solve the charging or battery issue. The case is about to solve the battery issue, but most of the users have negatively rated this case.

People have given a mocking name to the case due to its individual shape. So Ulanoff asks Cook about the issue, was he excited about the product, Tim Cook replied that “I know what comments people are making about the case but I won’t call it 'the hump”,


According to people the case adds weight to the device which is pretty annoying. People are sort of unhappy with the Apple’s smartcase but let’s hope for the best. You can buy Smartphone Battery case from Online Apple Store and its retail locations; it is officially priced at $99.