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Before Galaxy S5 We Expect the Launched of All New HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the hottest set know a days every one discussing about that cell but we did not forget the other largest manufacturer hTC. Users already know that the hTC officially announced the launch date of their newly introduced smart phone All New hTC One.

According to the officials the handset will be available on 25th of March but we still don’t have any confirmation that this All New hTC One available for the purchase or not for the users. But we hear that this Smartphone might be available in the April for the open market.

We have an other rumor from the one of the other resource. The resource told us that this Smartphone is launching in initial April but the news is this that this New hTC One come store in the 7th of April and the other shocking thing that this Smartphone come just before the Samsung Galaxy S5.

HTC technologist test this device several time till now they want to make sure them self that the Smartphone don’t have any flow before the launching and they are satisfied with the perfection and working of this Smartphone.

HTC Expectedly this Smartphone hit 110 countries at the same time. The users are waiting keenly for welcoming this new member of hTC family.