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Black Berry Go Back To Their Efficient Feature The Qwetry Keybord


Blackberry is now plan to back their main feature which is Qwerty keyboard placed in a new phone lunched by black berry.

The Chief executive John reveal the fact that “the company is going classic bringing the physical keyboard in the new phone named Q20 the main reason to go back for the low sale of Q10 last time.

The previously lunched Q10 has a physical keyboard but don’t have the track pad key for the quick functions such as forward or go back. The chief told that the company gets the bad impression by the users and the users of blackberry miss the main feature of the cell phone.

The blackberry also lunched the minimum cot cellphones in Indonesia in April. The Z3 will goes in less then 200USD and the first set made in a collaboration of 5 years with FOXXconn .

Foxxconn is the tiwain based company who make the electronics products.

Blackberry have a next plan to expend its services in the market for the business. Blackberry need the secure conversation in a specific industries like financial services.

The company plan to manage on the business strength. Blackberry still in the track to satisfy the clients with latest devices