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Black Berry Kopi New Images Are Floating

Before some time we have pictures of UN reveal black berry handset without the code name and any other information beside that the smartphone have a keyword.

We only have the images and try to think what is the next black berry plan and what they are trying to launch  but the set named confirmed as KOPI. Day before some more images came on the surface and this time they show clearly what actually this set have and what is the real shape and features of this upcoming handset.

If we discuss the overall design of this handset its same as the previously launched BlackBerryQ5, this BlackBerry kopi has a 3.2 inches display which is square in shape and a full QWERTY keyboard present under the display.

The BlackBerry Kopi has a removable battery but that is still not confirmed and we cannot say anything for this removable battery feature before time. The battery capacity is 2,100mAh which is quite enough for the low configuration handsets such as KOPI and battery is more important feature for any handset.  


The general outline of the gadget is not a big deal. As you might anticipate from a low-level gadget, the manufacture materials appear shabby. It would seem that the back spread of the gadget accompanies a granulated surface, which most likely improves the hold and keeps any fingerprints from further debasing the looks of the Blackberry Kopi.