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Black Berry Z3 Succeeded In Entering Into Indonesian Market

Black Berry Z3 will enters Foxconn manufacturing for Indonesia. Black Berry’s marketing camping through television has succeeded and has made a five year contract with Foxconn to manufacture and markets it there. For this purpose the huge Central Park Mall has been turned into a big Black Berry Z3 store. At one place in the market the have installed a counter to show running sale of the Z3 devices.  It is a sad aspect 1250 devices have been snatched right there in Jakarta’s Central Park.

The contract provides that Foxconn will do almost all the functions; design the product, manufacture it and for the new upcoming markets, will store the Black Berry entry level models on which Black Berry marks its shiny name put OS in the device. As told by the Black Berry official four new models included in the production at Indonesia including Black Berry Classic. This old model includes largest touch screen used in QWERTY-equipped Berry and will have a tack pad and old fashioned key board.

According to the official sources, two parties will finish with BlackBerry Jakarta and will concentrate their efforts to the latest 3 to 4 BlackBerry devices. They have key boards but one of them is completely touch system device.


The officially released pictures of the device are available on the media and have dstated there would be no repetition of   features or other things from BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 of last year.