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BlackBerry Passport Comes in 3rd week of September, Unique Design Business Smartphone

BlackBerry does not need any introduction. They are one of the largest smartphone manufactures and provide the new impressive design for the smartphones and try to change the era of fashion. The company launched lots of smartphones since years till today and in every era mostly people like the BlackBerry handsets. One thing commonly found in the handsets of BlackBerry is their QWERTY keyboard. Company builds the handsets with this QWERTY keyboard facility. This keyboard makes the typing easy for the users and they enjoy the fastest typing with the help of this keyboard.

Blachberry passport Black and white image

BlackBerry recently launched the handsets some of them are really classy. Their one of the latest handsets named “BlackBerry Passport”. The handset takes the official place in the month of June but the handset is still in the queue and waiting to hit the markets before the end of this year. Probably the handset will make the public debut in 3rd week of September 2014. Yes this is the month where Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 are going to be revealed. BlackBerry held the event in London to reveal the Passport and plans to give the challenge to Samsung and Apple. The handset has many batter features; users can say this is the pack of latest technology. The handset has a slim shiny body which gives the stylish look to the handset. The handset carries approximately 7 oz weight with equally measure dimensions.

The handset fulfills all requirements to the users. Passport supports latest connectivity bands. The handset screen is purely made up with SUPER AMOLED.  The screen size measure 4 inches with 1440x1440 pixels resolution. The screen is pleasantly bright ad gives full pleasure to the users.


Users need to use both hands if they want to use BlackBerry because the handset is wide there is no doubt the handset QWERTY keyboard keys works smoothly but there is no chance to use the keyboard with one hand. The handset has a massive storage option as 3 GB RAM along with 16 GB on board memory which can be extended up to 128 GB combined with powerful quad core processor. The other interesting feature of the handset is camera the handset is equipped with 13 mega pixel rear and 2 mega pixel front facing camera. The battery is also powerful. If you want to know complete information about the handset please visit Black Berry Passport and see what the handset will offer to the users.