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BlackBerry passport to be placed in the market by Tomorrow

After long period of rumors and news and press releases finally BlackBerry has disclosed the secret about the Black Berry PassPort. Ultimately tomorrow is the day to end rumors, press releases and other speculations. It is the day of reality when BlackBerry passport will ultimately be in the market and users will see it by themselves, manipulate it and find out all the secret inside out. It will be announced and released in an event to be held by BlackBerry.

We do not know exactly where all this handset will be made available because not much has been said about it. Company has still kept it behind the curtain and may release this information slightly later. For the present we know the handset will be brought in the market in UK, Canada and UAE. The event is being held at London, Dubai and Toronto.


John Chen BlackBerry CEO said that the handset would not be restricted to only these three places but will be sold in many other countries of the world. However India being a very big market would certainly be the sure market for this device. The other countries markets shall also have this handset.

Mr. John Chen also gave out the information about the BlackBerry PassPort price. He announced that it would be sold unlocked in the USA with SIM free for $599. However the prices may differ in each market and we cannot give standard price for the handset. Each country has its own tax structure and it also depends upon the size of the market where the handset will be introduced.

The CEO of BlackBerry John Chen also said that the Black Berry PassPort would be slightly less in cost than other handsets of the same specifications and configuration. The price would be lower than the competitors to fight the competition. Whether the lower prices would fetch more customers in Canada is not sure and it only has to be a speculation about the impact of lower prices increasing the number of customers. The device has a typical design and looks different than others but otherwise it is just the handset like others.

The Blackberry PassPort has 4.5 inches touch screen display with 1440 x 1440 pixels resolution. it has 2.2 GHz Quad Core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 system on chip. It is provided with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of extendable memory. Company placed 13 mega pixel rear and 2 mega pixel front facing shooter with LED flash.  

BlackBerry's CEO John Chen also told about the Passport battery having 36 hour backup time because of its big 3450 mAh battery. The Passport will have support for all the latest connectivity options including LTE and will run BlackBerry’s own OS 10.3.

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