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BlackBerry Q30 Gets the New Name BlackBerry Passport comes in September

Recently BlackBerry publishes their financial report which shows the success of company. The report gives us the sight for seeing the things deeply. We already heard the rumors about BlackBerry Q30 also known as Windermere will be in the market somewhere in September; the information provided by Black Berry CEO. According to the CEO the handset is a high end device. The information was delivered in the event held in LONDON. But now the Q30 Windermere gets the new name “Passport”.

The new handset “passport” might come in square shape and it is expected that the handset display is larger than 4 inches. The screen supports 1440 x 1440 pixels resolutions. If this is the case the handset really supports the pixel density stated above then the handset makes the record and gives the high level pixel density to the users. It is expected in the light of rumors that the new handset is powered with 3GB RAM, 13 mega pixel rear camera and energized with removable 3450 mAh monster battery. The handset follows the BlackBerry trend and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard functions same as the trackpad.

It is expected that the BlackBerry passport generates the good market share for the company and users get the good handset. The handset will be on the surface in September till then we have to wait for another update.