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Blackberry Working On Another Extraordinary Device

It has been not very late when the BlackBerry Passport was launched; it was just the last week when it was launched and still the news are fresh and sales going on in hot pursuit in the market about this handset. Now we are hearing more news about BlackBerry’s new venture. BlackBerry is busy in developing another device which is a departure from the ordinary and has features unlike the conventional ones.  This news came from the head of BlackBerry’s Devices unit, Ron Louks who was talking to Reuters in an interview and made the statement. He said it would be an extraordinary featured handset.


He said covering of the BlackBerry’s losses has encouraged them to take up new ventures and take more risks and prepare and launch the unconventional smartphones in the future. They would be launching one unconventional device every year and will be introducing new trends. It is part of their experimentation about new things and an effort to reach the new heights.

BlackBerry has a new unconventional device in the process of development and  the carrier companies that are going to market it have supported it and given a positive response to this new unconventional handset by BlackBerry. Unconventional is more attractive and carries suspense in it and rouses interest among lovers of new and unconventional things.

BlackBerry Passport despite its unusual features in shape and design has been successful in the market and the users have liked it. It did not have very attractive design features and yet it was awaited by the customers. It sold out within hours of its launch. In many outlets, the stock finished as soon as he shutters went up. It is a great business; it sold over 200,000 units just in three days.

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