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Blue colored HTC One M8 enters market

 We have already heard about HTC One M8 as flagship of HTC that will be launched in three beautiful colors; pink, blue and red. Its pictures in red and pink have been shown, and we know how pretty it looks but it appearance in blue has yet to be seen and assessed. Certainly it will look good in this as well.

We heard about it in a press conference about HTC One M8 in blue color and once released will join the options that already exist for silver, grey and gold. It might be reserved for some particular dealer or some particular carrier but no such official statement has come in notice.

Besides above, it is believed that HTC is busy in developing a new handset named as HTC One M8 Prime, with specifications something like: Snapdragon 805, 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution, 3GB of RAM and a better camera than the current flagship device.


There is no word by the company officials on HTC One M8 Prime, nor has anything been said about the color. However, they are strong speculations from the leaked pieces of information.