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Boost and Virgin Mobile launch Galaxy S5, no contract offered


Galaxy S5 available in the market released by Boos and Virgin mobile on non contract basis. These two organizations  MVNO  As of today, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is available at Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile (both of which are mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) owned by Sprint). Boost and Virgin Mobile are prepaid brands of their own and are selling Samsung Galaxy S5 without any contract agreement against the price of $599.99 for the handset.

The customers can select a plan suiting them starting from $40 per month from Boost mobiles, while Virgin Mobile offers even cheaper monthly plans like  $35 per month. Galaxy S5 in white can be acquired from these two MVNOs, although there are other colors also available.


Galaxy S5 released now by Boost and Virgin Mobile is the same handsets available at Sprint and all other major US carriers since April 11. The users can purchase the smartphone from any of the two MVNO online.