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Canalys: Lenovo and Apple are Swiftly Emergent amongst India Top 10 Mobile Vendors

Published on May 4,2016 By Liam Hems

For Indian mobiles debut Canalys published its Quarter 1 2016 report, according to the results Apple and Lenovo were rapid emerging vendors in the given period.

According to Canalys, in terms of shipment Indian mobile market grew 12 percent and 24.4 million units shipped. Whereas top four vendors such as Micromax, Samsung, Intex and Lava stayed the same as Q1 2015.  In one year Lenovo experienced prime growth and its shipment increased by 63 percent. The report says that Lenovo’s growth comes due to offline channel strategy and value for money handsets.

Furthermore, BlackBerry, Microsoft, LG and Sony were behind in the competition regarding shipment because mobile market is trending low cost smartphones. On the other hand a year ago share of Micromax dropped quarter to 16.7 percent. In terms of Shipment Apple secured 8th position in Q1 2016, the firm is following Lenovo which is ahead Apple and making good sales.

According to Canalys, for devices priced above $300 or in the finest segment, in Q1 2016, Samsung’s market share reduced from 66 percent to 41 percent. Whilst, in the same period Apple’s market share increased from 11 percent to 29 percent. The iPhone 5s became most popular device in India due to its frequent price cut within a year.

We expects to see more vendors getting finance to assist boost affordability of their products on the whole, and make certain growth in the price-conscious Indian Market, Canalys added. The company says that “Apple is performing great overall in Indian market, and still it has immense increase potential”. Wilmer Ang’s Canalys Mobility Analyst says that “Apple’s growth could be short term, success of iPhone 5s is greater than recently launched iPhone SE, budget buyers will discourage more expensive phones. He also added that “current administration rule restriction reduction on smartphones sold by online podiums will influence demand."

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