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China Startup Moxie Announces World’s First Fully Bendable Smartphone

A Chinese company Moxie claims that it will launch world’s first flexible device later on this year. The startup declares that it is setting up to debut 100,000 of its bendable smartphones in China by the end of the year, each unit will be priced around £520 (roughly USD $761).

The Company released a concept image which shows that after folding the smartphone it looks like bracelet, when unfolded it seems sender strip with tapered display and huge battery at the bottom. As the smartphone is bendable it will allow users to wear it like a bracelet. All components of the device are packed into the end under a ultra-thin graphene display. Since its discovery graphene gained tremendous amount of interest due to its conductivity and flexibility. Moreover, we have already bendable LG G Flex smartphone, but it is as flexible as Moxi’s upcoming smartphone. The Korean Giant is also working on bendable display device which is likely to be unveiled in 2017.

There are few points that keep us away from getting too much excited about Moxie’s bendable smartphone. Initially, the picture advocates that the smartphone will pack a colorful display, however, the firm’s foremost smartphone will feature a white and black e-ink display because black and white displays are easier to make. In addition, there is no security that users will be able to wear the device in their hands as a bracelet.

Chongsheng Yu, Moxie's executive vice president, spoke to Bloomberg and said, the model color power is more than that the black and white component. Firstly we will sell the device in China, if there is demand out of the country we will glance into it too.