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Concept Of Android Wearable Only Used For Notifications

Google has an agreeable vision for what it needs with Android Wear, and it is continuously clear in its message to designers on this point.

The principal round of Android wearables are not intending to be finished smartwatches as in numerous might trust they might be. Rather, these are wanted to be sidekick gadgets which are fundamentally utilized for warnings, and don't generally offer much the extent that propelled purpose.

Google put out a feature on "What Developers Need to Know" through Mashable's Ask a Dev Youtube channel, and clarified the most obvious center of Android Wear: straightforwardness. Android Engineer Sagar Seth provides for some configuration tips, such as utilizing scene pictures is the best practice, all notices ought to have a picture out of sight, and to make great utilization of Google Now voice charges.

Android Wearable

He likewise emphasizes the center thoughts that Android Wear gadgets ought to be kept tabs on notices and glanceable data which oblige practically no connection. He truly drives this home by saying, "recollect one thing: it’s not a full-fledged requisition sitting on the wearable itself, it is simply notices. It is making the data accessible when you require it to be."