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Consumer Agent Profile Exposes upcoming LG G5 Smartphone

Published on Jan 18,2016 By Maq Ahmed


Previously, LG launched LG G4 in various countries; the device has many admiring features that can persuade a customer to buy the handset. LG G4 users appreciated the device due to its advanced features and technology. Now technology world is filled with LG 4 rumors, along these rumors a new news adding spice.


Now an HTTP client agent profile of a latest LG device has facade online. It reveals the model number which it carries and the OS that it runs. Given above screenshot shows the model number of this new handset is LG-H830. You can clearly see what the model number LG G5 will carry.

Previously launched LG's G4 flagship conceded LG-H810, LG-H811, LG-H812, and LG-H815 model numbers. It is secluded to envisage that the brand new handset in an inquiry is the company’s upcoming G5 flagship smartphone. In addition, the report moreover exposed that the smartphone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. New device with updated version of Android is a brilliant move by LG because almost all upcoming mobiles will run Marshmallow. Updated Android operating system will allow users to enjoy more features as compare to previous one.


The LG G5 has already been a hot topic in rumors and leaks till the date. Some leaks revealed its stunning design and specifications. The system is forecasted to be made official at LG's pre-MWC press occasion which will held on February 21. To attend MWC you have to process through invites which have already been sent off.

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