Corning launches Gorilla Glass Victus with 2m drop protection

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Gorilla Glass is a very popular choice for smartphone displays and back covers. Corning has launched a number of different versions of Gorilla Glass, each with its own unique benefits. The latest version is Gorilla Glass 6 and it’s been in use since late 2018. Corning has announced a new version, called Gorilla Glass Victus, which double the scratch resistance of GG6 and has 2-meter drop protection.

If you’ve been following the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series leaks, you’ve heard that the Ultra model will have Gorilla Glass Victus (previously known as Gorilla Glass 7). The Glass Victus is the successor of Gorilla Glass 6. Another notable thing this year is that the company chooses Gorilla Glass Victus name instead of Gorilla Glass 7 name. Most aluminosilicate glass solutions and previous generations of Gorilla Glass scratch at between 2-4 Newtons in the Knoop hardness test. Gorilla Glass Victus scratches between 7-10 Newtons.

In terms of drop protection, Gorilla Glass 6 can survive multiple drops from 1.6-meters. Victus can withstand multiple drops from 2-meters. That’s not a huge improvement, but it is something. Considering most Gorilla Glass releases focus on either drop protection or scratch resistance, it’s great to see Victus improves on both. Corning says manufacturers will launch devices with Victus in the second half of 2020. Samsung will be the first manufacturer to ship a device with Victus, which is highly likely to be the Note 20 Ultra.

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