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Deal Alert, Black Friday deal commence for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6

People who are interested to buy iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 now get the amazing offer in the form of Black Friday Deal 2014 start today. Many retailers already offer these devices in USA in the celebration of biggest shopping festival of the year. USA resource twitted best 5 deals for iPhone 6. Verizon offers iPhone 6 with 0% advance payment and the bundle offer is consist on the price of $179 this is the two year binding with Walmart biggest chain store in the USA and Walmart offers there gift card worth $75 with this bundle to the consumers.


The other retailer Target also offer 16 GB version of iPhone 6 against $179.99 in this Black Friday Deal AT&T is the co partner in this deal with the Target. On the other hand Value Walk confirmed that the Target also offers iPad Air 2 with the gift card worth $140 to the customers this is not enough consumers also get the discount if they want to go with iPad Mini 3.

One reliable resource confirmed that iPad Air 2 has $499.99 and this is the original price of the device but in the Black Friday Deal Apple lovers can get this device only against $399.99 but this is the offer offered only from Best Buy.

Walmart still did not confirm and announce the deal for iPad Air 2, but they already reduce the price on previous version of iPad Air and iPad. So USA consumers why are you waiting go and get your device in discount price.