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Deal: Buy LG G5 and Get another Unit Free at AT&T

Published on Mar 21,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

As we already know LG G5’s preorders have started and global sales of the smartphone are planned about a week ago from 31st march. All retailers and carriers are started accepting pre-orders for the LG G5 and the most recent to publicize its offer is AT&T.

The AT&T has listed LG G5 for $23 per month over a 30 month period on a Next 24 plan, or $699 up front. But, if you want to get more than one unit of LG G5 then the carrier’s other deal will be ideal for you.  If you want to sign a new contract then you can get another LG G5 for free.

Whereas, AT&T basically promises to repay for $695 in bill credit over the course of 30 months. Bear this in your mind that you still be indebted activation fees and sales taxes on both units. If the deal appears a fair one, then check AT&T’s website for further information.  The shipment will start on 29th and 30th march. It is also significant to mention that Best Buy is also offering pre-order deal for LG G5. The retailer offering $100 savings on the smartphone with purchase and activation of a 2-year contract with Sprint. On the other hand, the buyers will get a $100 Best Buy gift card with purchase and activation of monthly installment plan, the deal is also applicable for the AT&T variant.

Moreover, all purchases will come with a free bundle which contains a replacement battery, USB-C to micro-USB adapter, and charging cradle. All these things worth $90 so it is great time to save money by acquiring this deal.

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