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Delay Expected In The Release Of Sony Xperia Z2 Globaly

After the MWC at Barcelona we expect to see the Sony Xperia Z2 as soon as possible and before a week ago we heard the announcement from the Sony officials that they launched the Xperia Z2 in March but unfortunately we heard that the delay is expected in the release of Xperia Z2.  

Till today release date of the Xperia Z2 was later in March, but the handset available in March only for specific regions instead of all over the world. Patently, just a controlled stock will be made accessible from the start, however it remains unclear which nation these will be apportioned to. Another date hasn't been particularly called attention to, however the wording does show a launch expected in late April or early in May.

This unconfirmed report was confirmed by an alternate resources, Europe might be something of a special case to the delay. The thought of any release was shot around, then again, who says that is "miles away structure reality", and that "Europe wouldn't be a special case".

Assume that such defer to be sure happens as expected, it could spell inconvenience for Xperia Z2 deals, as the lead might enter the business after opponent Samsung's new Galaxy S5, and maybe even HTC's All New One.

But still this is the unconfirmed report and we are still waiting for the confirmation enthusiastically.