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Details about Apple iPhone 6 revealed showing dimensions, size and rear camera

Such details leaks are not commonplace feature. They occur by chance. Such a big leak is seen on Foxconn with detailed and authentic details about Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones' designs and dimensions. The reveal images show the thickness of the handset but these all images are prototypes.

It is expected that the new upcoming iPhone 6 will be out on 9th September. Everything is going to finalize now and company does not have time to make any changes in the design of the handset.


The first image revealed is about N61. The image is for 4.7 inches version of iPhone 6 measuring 138.14 x 66.97 x 6.9 mm. The new iPhone 6 is large in size and wider in shape, slimmer but the accurate weight of the handset is still unknown. Now the next version is N56. This is the larger version of iPhone6. The handset has a 5.5 inches display measuring 158.0 x 77.12 x 7 mm dimension having 168.5 grams.

But there are number of prototypes leaked. The other photographs show some more information that we do not know earlier than September. The first information is that the image of 4.7 inches version is resembles the dummies available. The other one is that iPhone appears more attractive as set in stone.
The second interesting thing about N56 is 7.67mm thicker with camera on its back. This maybe because of the camera lens jutting out. The Apple iPhone 6 camera lens would be not flush with the body but would be sticking out and would add point 7mm thickness of N61 and the N56 and 0.67mm to N56's second prototype. The users need not bother about protruding lens getting scratched because it is not an ordinary glass but is the sapphire glass.

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