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Details of Premium Version of HTC ONE M9 to be revealed in MWC 2015

HTC ONE M9 with all its assets and Exotic Material Design coming in MWC 2015.

All the critics and commentators are profoundly busy in guessing the release date of HTC ONE M9 Prime. It is very strongly believed that the smartphone HTC ONE M9 Prime with other smartphones will be launched in the next upcoming event 2015 MWC. Presently this particular new smartphone is given the name HTC ONE M9 Prime, the Premium version of HTC ONE M9.

The rumors about release of two handsets HTC ONE M9 and HTC ONE M9 Prime come from a common source of rumors on the media which has further estimated that the new upcoming mobile phone will be a new complete version of ONE Mx family. The current year is coming to close and year 2015 is dawning to appear soon and in the month of March from 2 to 5 the grand event for the mobile phones is going to be held in Barcelona in the event MWC.


According to the description by a news source on the internet, Mobile World Congress is the biggest gathering where the CEO’s of the mobile companies, operators and the technology experts, wanders and other important figures attached with mobile technology and the biggest event for mobile phone exhibitions from all parts of the world.

There are rumors that HTC new handset One M9 Prime may be released even before HTC ONE M9. It is known through the reliable source of leaks the HTC ONE M9 Prime  is rumored to be made of exotic material that is an alloy of aluminum and liquid silicone and would be water and dust resistant having Cat LTE connectivity.

The users have to wait for the reality when it comes out in the event of 2015.