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Dual OS Smartphone From Huawei With An Android- Windows Likely To Attack US Market

It is learn through relaible resources that Huawei, from China has annouced its launch of Android windows phone dual OS hand set in the Americamn market somewhere in the middle of  the year.

This seems to be a relaible news because sources quoted is nothing letss then cheif marketing officer for the devices of this company. He expressed his views, although the window phone is much lower in priority yet they have selected OS for this launch. According to him they are using multi OS methodology in both Android and Windows. The official further stated that dual OS would be matter of giving a new choice to the consumers.  The Huawei belives that besides android they should get the another familier system like Windows phone with multi choise device the users have the options to use it as Android or a Window phone.


Google will not probably like it because the combenation of Android Windows is against their strategy presently Microsoft devices with android earn a huge profit which tehy would not like to share with their competitors.