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E-Paper smartwatch is coming to shock the users from Sony

Technology is ongoing continuous process; it is the insatiable thirst of human mind to find the limit and reach the ultimate end. As space does not have end limits so is the human mind which is unlimited in its imaginations and creative faculties in the same spirit and following the same curiosity now Sony has made another stunning innovation by creating e-paper watch that is customizable watch and strap. They are planning to launch this e-paper smartwatch.    

 This smartwatch is the creation of innovation division of Sony which is set of with the soul purpose of new innovations in the products. Recently Sony has suffered some financial losses and had stopped experimenting process but now has reverted to creating new things for the customers and their own satisfaction, material and technological development.


The smartwatch would be made of e-paper giving it lot of flexibility for shape and design and to make it in any form with unlimited possibility. The main feature of this smartwatch would be designed rather than other technical specs or aspects. This e-paper will be economical in power consumption thereby giving a very long life to battery that would stretch over weeks rather than days and screen will remain alive continuously for this duration.

Presently its only a rumor that e-paper would be used for making the smartwatch but the sources of this rumor are fairly reliable therefore we have strong hope that this smartwatch would come though with less features.