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Europe will be deprived of HTC ONE M8 EYE

Recently a new version of HTC ONE M8 having a powerful dual camera was launched in China and India. This new version of HTC One M8 has been given the name with the addition of “Eye” making it complete HTC ONE M8 EYE which is identical device as the original one except for powerful cameras of 13 mega pixel capacity.


The HTC did add UltraPixel technology and improved the photographic aspect by installing two powerful cameras but it has been criticized because not much has been gained by this addition; a good performance in light has been compromised with some performance in bad light conditions. The 4 MP sensor has also not added much to video recording capability which is restricted to 1080 pixels only. By technical standards the 4K performance requires at least 8MP capacity or 16:9 sensor. Probably HTC is trying some other available options and possibilities with the new device HTC ONE M8 EYE. Whatever the device contains and whatever it performs, the European markets would not be able to see it because it will not be launch in Europe and the Europeans would be blank of this new experimentation.

Indian and Chinese markets are already populated with this new device that is HTC ONE M8 EYE. The reason best known to the company, the device is not being launched in Europe. HTC seniors officials explained their policy about this device and it was planned to restrict HTC ONE M8 EYE to only Indian market. The same officials further explained that the original device HTC ONE M8 is the company’s pride flagship despite the fact that there are other similar devices which are selfie-centric, for example HTC Desire Eye.

If you want to have HTC ONE M8 which is the holiday flagship, sorry you cannot have it everywhere because it is a limited and restricted product only for India and China. You have to be there if you wish to have the device.

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