Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will launch with SDM 875 SoC

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Next month Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series will be officially launched at an Unpacked Event. After the launch of the Note 20 series, Samsung will focus on the launch of the upcoming flagship Galaxy S21 (Galaxy S30) series. Recently, a few details about the series were leaked. Now, Mobile57 exclusively reports that the Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra will have powerful SDM 875 SoC.

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Qualcomm‘s next-generation flagship platform Snapdragon 875 will be unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year. Tipster Roland Quandt has revealed that the Snapdragon 875 (SM8350) adopts the internal codename Lahaina. The flagship Chipset will be built on the 5nm process. Qualcomm will reportedly introduce a super-large core architectural combination, which is Cortex X1+Cortex A78. ARM details the Cortex X1 core architecture to provide a maximum performance that is 30% higher than that of Cortex-A77 and 23% higher than the maximum performance of the Cortex-A78 core.

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Furthermore, the Samsung S21 series will available in 4G and 5G flavors and offer up to 16GB of RAM. There is a possibility that the handsets will have under-display front cameras. This will also be exciting to see the Galaxy S21’s front camera will have OIS. We also obtain some important information about the rear cameras. The standard Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus will have 108MP primary sensors with optical image stabilization technology and 100x zoom. On the other hand, the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra to comes with an immersive 150MP primary sensor for photography experience. AMOLED displays of the three smartphones will support up to 144Hz refresh rate for better viewing and touch experience. We will share more details regarding the Galaxy S21 series soon, so, stay with us.

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