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Facebook Messenger adopting Snapchat Like features.

Published on Jul 9,2016 By Maq Ahmed

Facebook is trying out a lot more ways to attract more people into the biggest community on the internet. Facebook, just like its owned company, is figuring out end-to-end encryption. The social media giant made an announcement regarding the matter. They will also be trying out message expiration settings (sounds familiar) for the Mobile App.

To provide you with an overview, encrypted communication (end-to-end) cannot be read by anyone but the sender and the recipient. This potentially means complete privacy of all your little secrets being shared over a friendly chat on the messaging app. Not even the people working for the company have ways to decode your messages. Your encrypted chat logs will remain pretty much useless to all Government officials and/or the Police. People remain divided over the idea of total encryption. Some find it a step forward while other see it as a retaliation to a safer world. It puts a stop to the government officials sneaking in on you because you made use of a red-word in your conversation.

It has remained a tradition to roll out the new feature to a select few people on a limited test basis and will make its way to the bigger market as we move ahead in time. This encryption might remain with us only through the mobile app and may not make it to the web. Messenger has its bots working behind the curtain to make this a worthwhile experience for you. Yahoo plans to dispatch its popular weather and news services into the app which will keep you up-to-date and will also save you the hassle of a few extra clicks.



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