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Features of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6sPlus revealed

After the success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus the Apple is goin to release the new version of the handset known as iPhone 6s.

Users are already fimiliar with the Apple features which is cerently in used the Apple devices. Now the new information about the 4.7 inches version of iPhone 6s appeared with the code number  N71and iPhone 6s Plus which has the code number N66 and will be the 5.5 inches verion having some features which was apperantly used in Apple Watch. The two features known as  Force Touch and the Taptic Engine. For the Fource Toruch Apple says; "most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch,"  which give the information to the users that how much forcely they thouch the screen and With Force Touch a hard tap on the screen represents a different input compared to a weaker tap on the same spot.

The 2nd feature is Taptic Engine. This technology allow the users to feel vibration in different strengths for exmaple while holding the handset in the hand it may vibrate midly to give you warning about the notifications. Well the game developers may use it in their applications. One more feature to be found in these handets is the DUO camera like HTC ONE M8 which has been discarded by Apple because of insuffciant space in the device where it can not be placed. However the bulging out placement of cameras in the iPhone models was not appreciatted by the users.


Well the rumors aloft on the inetrnet time by time about these devices but for knowing more we need to wait until the handsets did not get the official confirmation.