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Figgers F3 will be the first 5G Smartphone by America with 5 meters wireless charging

Published on Mar 7,2019 By Maq Ahmed Last Updated on 07-03-19 12:13:07

Figgers, an international calling service company working over 80+ countries and also a smartphone manufacturer, had established in Florida, USA in 2009. Figgers team has recently listed the Figgers F3 5G smartphone with coming soon status on their official website

Freddie Figgers, CEO of the company published an image on Instagram and informed that Figgers F3 will be the first 5G device made in America. Further, it is told the F3 smartphone will be compatible with any service or cellular connectivity all over the world. We don’t know what kind of chip or modem it will use. 5G is even unavailable in most regions so how it will make possible.

Frieddie, via the same source, reported the Figgers F3 will be waterproof and will have a 4k display and 1TB Internal Storage. The most astonishing subject is Super Base Charge which is claimed to recharge Figgers F3 wirelessly within 5 meters range. That’s probably the highest wireless charging range ever and before it we have had heard only rumors and concepts.

The Figgers F3 image, which has removed from Instagram but still available on parent website, revealed the F3 handset gets the blue paint job and dual 18MP rear cams along with a fingerprint sensor.

The rest of the specs sheet is empty yet. We have no word on when Figgers will launch this F3 5G smartphone, but we can say this high-end device would not be cheap and its price could reach up to $2000.

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