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Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch available in $265

Fossil launched its Q Smartwatches in October, 2015.  An android supported lineup with elegant designs that don’t instantly fetch to mind thoughts about technology. The Smartwatch Q Founder is traditional, but good looking, with touch screen functionality, and is powered by Android Wear. It is best for those people who love having abundant apps and watch facade for your new smartwatch.

Round dial watch and flat screen design made known by the Motorola Moto 360. It seems like any other trendy Fossil watches with the classic leather brogue and steel finish. It connects to your preferred apps, tracks activities, accepts notifications, and has custom faces to fit your style.
Few specifications are listed on Fossil’s site. According to the site the Q Founder has a standard 22mm band support, 400mAh battery, a 46mm steel case that is 13mm thick, and 4GB of storage. Fossil claimed the watch’s battery will last long.  The watch is IP67 water resistant with band length choice. You can easily replace band length with standard band or with a bracelet of your own choice.  It also has standard series of sensors for tracking motion, and lights etc. It was believed to have an Intel Atom chip of a type, but it is not mentioned on the SoC on Fossil's website. Similarly, the screen is outstanding with black color flat tire round shape LCD.
In the modern era fossil is attempting to stay a significant brand by making a true shove for the connected wearable prospect. Own style focused watches and fitness trackers is an apparent symbol of company’s aim.  A more relevant fact about the company is it lately spent $265 to obtain Misfit, a company famous for making fashion frontward health trackers and accessories.
All Smart watches have been made by technology firms moonlighting as watch manufacturer. But, The Fossil Q Founder is the other way around. It looks like a traditional watch, but it runs Android Wear. Fossil has just placed the Fossil Q Founder for sale with a price tag of $295. The price tag appears less insane than Tag Heuer watch’s price tag $1500.